Kia ora, All Black and rugby fans!

Welcome to to our new Ruggerblogger site! We are pumped up for Rugby World Cup 2015, and will be doing stat infographics for all 48 RWC matches again. All our past posts and infographics are tagged by nation, date, competition etc… so search in the box below to your heart’s content.

About Us

Since 2006 Ruggerblogger has been providing intensely biased reportage about our mighty All Blacks – we were there at the coalface early on.

The blog was started by a passionate ex-pat Taranaki lass living in London, named Ferdy, as a means of venting her frustration at having to digest the anti-All Black bashing & bile emanating from the likes of The Telegraph & The Times of London. She survived the dark days following our limp exit from RWC 2007 in the UK, returning home to New Zealand for a few years before gravitating back to London in 2010. She is still there in East London, biding her time, like a sleeper cell awaiting deployment for Rugby World Cup 2015.

Slugso entered the fold in early 2011. He was also a K1W1 living in London E1, dropping everything at the prospect of an All Black kick-off. Inspired by Ferdy he trekked about England & Southern France during RWC 2007, drinking rosé and documenting it all in a blog called Allez Les Noirs. Afterwards he also went through weeks of therapy following the Cardiff loss to France. And he knows that Michalak pass was forward. It was right in front of him, and he instantly sought to point out the officials’ error to them. Loudly.

As Rugby World Cup 2011 approached, Ferdy invited Slugso to join forces at Ruggerblogger, and correctly explained that Twitter was in fact not the “trendy, fly-by-night, waste of space” he thought it was. Since then, its proved a great way of engaging in banter with All Black and rugby fans all over the globe, from Georgia to Greymouth, Capetown to Kaitaia.

As our prized motto from door cracking scribe Aldous Huxley says, “Every man’s memory is his private literature”. It is your personal recollection of a game that matters most. Facts are facts, but legends can be more fun.

Why do we do all this? Well, we just truly grew to love All Black Test rugby while living abroad, and the Rugby World Cup atmosphere especially. Although we know a simple look at the stats in isolation may not capture the true flow of a game, it can settle some arguments and rid the room of hearsay. We can’t guarantee stat infographics won’t actually start an argument.

Follow us on Twitter @ruggerblogger or check our Facebook page that has albums of all the infographics we’ve ever done.